27 November 2015

Petter, Morten and Aage Skinstad in team Sport1 Skinstad are using Z-Roller as a part of their restitution and preventive injuries in its cross-country focus. We are proud to collaborate with a team with such expertise and wonderful positivity. Here is a statement from the team:

Team Sport 1 Skinstad about Z-Roller

Team Sport 1 Skinstad is a cross-country skiing team consisting of the brothers Mårten and Petter Soleng Skinstad, where former Norwegian x-country skiteam boss Aage Skinstad acts as coach.

Both Aage, Mårten and Petter each have their Z-Roller and below they tell  about their experience by using the machines they have had since the summer of 2015.

– World Champion Sjur Rothe and I were teammates on the junior national team a few years ago and have been good friends since. Through Sjur, which like Mårten and me live in Lillehammer, Norway, I came into contact with Zen Products at a x-country skiing competition in 2015. At that time I had made good progress with summer training, but struggled with stiff and painful calvs after all  running, something which is common for cross-country skiers at this time of year. After the victory and a new course record in the competition, I took the opportunity to drop by Zen Products’ show booth in Håkon Hall, and it was the start of a very good cooperation. It did not take many days before I had my own Z-Roller, which my calvs obviously appreciated. And in retrospect I have run many races, hard workouts and long trips without any problems with my legs. Since June 2015, Z-Roller has helped at traning camps at Sognefjellet and Torsby, Sweden, Austria and Italy. The machine has gone from alleviating sore muscles to treat and prevent injuries on the body, and I use it as often as I can. It works simply perfect, says Petter, the elder of the two brothers.

– In 2014 I struggled with inflammation, called runners knee, on both knees. This meant that I barely got run through the summer and autumn, and to prevent this return, my physiotherapist recommended that I go to regularly massage. The first few weeks with Z-Roller in house, I used it almost every day, while I increased the amount of running training beyond the summer months. In the run up to the season, I have in difference from last year not been damaged in any places, and I’ve got completed all the training as planned. I give Z-Roller much credit for, says youngest brother Skinstad.

Åge is trainer and adviser to his two sons, but after going from the position of the Norwegian cross country boss federation to become director of NHO Inland has he been able to train a bit more than before.

– With a too poor training grounds and various minor injuries, I have struggled with painful adds when I tried to get some continuity in the training in recent years. Having obtained a Z-Roller I have used it regularly, and in the fall of 2015 I ran the first trips of more than two hours in many, many years. I am very happy with a more active everyday life, and now I have the opportunity to be with the guys on both training and skit stitch in a different way than in recent years, developing Åge.