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FASTER RECOVERY – Z-Roller provides intensive sports massage. The perfect recovery immediately after strenuous exercise.
GOOD AGAINST SCAR TISSUE – Z-Roller provides excellent scar tissue massage to collagen fibers and adhesions formed in the muscle with exercise.
REDUCES LACTATE – There is increased production of lactate in your muscles during exercises, and the Z-Roller is the best partner for the reduction of high lactate values.
NEMKO APPROVED – Z-Roller is safe to use and approved by NEMKO
PREVENT OVERUSE – Intensive training causes strain and micro tears of the muscles. Active use of Z-Roller after training ensures better recovery and blood flow to the muscle.
EASY TO USE WITH 220V/110V, 12V AND BATTERY – Z Roller can be brought with you in the car on the training trips, and easily connects to your car’s 12v adaptor


Lars Christian Vold

Lars Christian Vold, has been one of the best long distance triathletes in the world for many years. He broke the 10 hour limit when he took the record in one of the hardest triathlons in the world, Norseman Xtreme triathlon.


Kristian Grue – Triathlon – Kristian Grue, 25 years old from Ullensaker, Norway. He is a former Biathlon athlete, but changed to triathlon in 2018. He competed the first year in 70.3 and full triathlon in 2019 with very good results, and are now focusing on full triathlon with Norseman Xtreme triathlon as his main goal, aiming for Norseman 2021 […]

Jorgen Gundersen, Norwegian national triathlete – Jørgen Gundersen, born 1995, is from Jessheim, Norway. He is a national team athlete on the Norwegian triathlete team. He is a very good swimmer and has won NM gold as recently as 2017. In triathlons he tends to be one of the first up from the water in triathlon competitions, regardless of the starting […]

Sjur Røthe – Sjur Røthe, born 1988 is one of the best skiers in the world. He has several medals from World Championships, Olympics and World Cups, among others the classic 50 km in Holmenkollen, Norway. In 2019 he became World Champion. He has used Z-Roller since 2016 in his recovery between training and competitions. He has also […]

Jasmijn Lau – I am Jasmijn, a Dutch long-distance runner with love for the cross. In addition to running, I study Biomedical Sciences. The achievement that I am most proud of is my silver medal at the under 23 years of age at the European Cross in Lisbon. I like the half marathon and cross the mud the […]