Z-mattress is tailor made for the  Z-Roller Pro, and makes sports massage easily accessible to the entire body. It is easy to transport to practice, competitions and training camps since it is lightweight and takes up little space when not inflated.
  • Description

    The mattress has an integrated pump that runs on 12V battery. This pump makes it easy to pump up the mattress as well as adapt the air pressure in the mattress, in that it can be raised and lowered while lying on it. This way you can adjust the pressure of the massage with increased or decreased air pressure in the Z-Mattress.

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    Weight 3.4 kg
    Dimensions 33 × 20 × 20 cm
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FASTER RECOVERY - Z-Roller provides intensive sports massage. The perfect recovery immediately after strenuous exercise.
GOOD AGAINST SCAR TISSUE - Z-Roller provides excellent scar tissue massage to collagen fibers and adhesions formed in the muscle with exercise.
REDUCES LACTATE - There is increased production of lactate in your muscles during exercises, and the Z-Roller is the best partner for the reduction of high lactate values.
NEMKO APPROVED - Z-Roller is safe to use and approved by NEMKO
PREVENT OVERUSE - Intensive training causes strain and micro tears of the muscles. Active use of Z-Roller after training ensures better recovery and blood flow to the muscle.
EASY TO USE WITH 220V/110V, 12V AND BATTERY - Z Roller can be brought with you in the car on the training trips, and easily connects to your car's 12v adaptor