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You will find answers to most questions in our FAQ section further down the page and in this website. You are also welcome to contact us via our chat if you  do not find the answers you are looking for. Contact us by e-mail:


  • What is the warranty of the Z-Roller

    We follow each countrys warranty regulations for 12V products.

  • Can I use other power cords on my Z-Roller or charging the battery for the Z-Mattress

    As a rule, never use any other power cords than the ones that follows with the products. For the Z-Roller, if not 100% the same technical setup, it can ruin your battery. Second it might not give enough power to  run the Z-Roller. 

    NB! Never use any other power cords to charge the battery in your Z-Mattress than the one who follows with the product. It will ruin your battery! 

    Make sure you don’t use the power  cord from the Z-Roller to charge the battery in the Z-Mattress.

  • Can my Z-Roller be used or stored in freezing temperature

    No, it can not be stored or used in freezing temperature. 

  • Can I use my Z-Roller on water

    No, you can not use your Z-Roller on water, neither your Z-Mattress.

  • How much does the Z-Roller weights

    -Z-Roller Pro 10 kg

    -Z-Roller Lite 6 kg

  • My Z-Roller does not start

    Make sure the power adaptor are properly connected. 

  • Do my Z-Roller need any service

    Z-Roller does not need any service.

  • For how long does the battery run

    Battery last for approximately 2 hours usage after fully charged. To recharge the battery, plug the power cord in to a wall socket and and it will take 4-5 hours to fully charge the battery. You can use the Z-Roller  while charging You can also charge the Z-Roller in your car using the 12V power cord that comes with your Z-Roller.

  • Z-Roller stops after approximately 20 min

    Study have shown that a 15 – 20 minutes are in most instances enough to work through your muscles. So the Z-Roller are equipped with a timer that stops after this periode. To start it again, just push the start  button

  • How do I use Z-Roller

    Push the start button on top of Z-Roller. To change between speed, push the start/stop button once. There are 5 different speeds on Z-Roller Pro and 3 different speeds on Z-Roller Lite.

    Speed 1-3 on Pro and  speed 1-2 on Lite are to be used after training. Speed 4-5 on Pro and 3 on Lite are to be used before training as a warm up if you are struggling with cramps, strain or any other problems. To stop the Z-Roller  push the start/stop button for 3 seconds. -Make sure the carry handle on the Z-Roller, when you use the Z-Roller, always point towards you. In this way the rollers are spinning towards you, pushing your blood towards your hart.


  • Do you offer free freight?

    Yes, we ship for free when ordering a Z-Roller Pro or Lite in Europe.

  • Where can I order your products.

    You can order them online in our website or at selected stores. See dealers in the menu on our website.

  • Discount coupon

    If you have an discount coupon, use this after you have chosen your products.

  • Can I order over the phone?

    No, all orders go through our website. 

  • I can’t complete my order.

    Make sure you have filled in your address, choose your country, right mail address and phone number. If stil not work, send e-mail

  • How do I know my order are received

    You will get an e-mail in your in-box where you get your confirmation and instructions.


  • Can I pick up the products at your office address.

    If located in Norway, and we have products at our office location, you can do this. Not always in stock.

  • I did not receive a order confirmation.

    We will always send out an order confirmation automatically after your purchase. If you did not receive it, make sure you put in correct e-mail address.

  • I have a question regarding the invoice. Can you help me.

    Send us a mail on regarding invoices. If problems with Molly, PayPal etc, contact them directly.

  • Can I return the product if I regret the purchase or I am not happy with it?

    Yes, you have a 30 days return. You will have to pay for the shipping.


  • Which freight forwarder do you use?

    We use Bring and Post Nord in Norway. In Europe we use UPS and for rest of the world we use TNT.

  • Can I order but delay the delivery until I am back from vacation or a trip.

    Yes you can arrange this in the comment area when ordering, but we prefer that you plan your order and delivery to avoid this.

  • Where can I find the status on my order.

    Use the tracking number and follow your product.

  • Will I receive a tracking number when the products are shipped.

    Yes, you will receive a tracking number on the given mail address and cell phone number when product are shipped.