800 meter runners Thomas og Andreas Roth a part of the Zen-family

27. november 2015

Norways 2 best 800m runners, Thomas and Andreas Roth has been using Z-Roller for many years and has now signed an agreement with Zen Products. Two fantastic guys with a huge talent, where both has done the 1.46 on the 800 hundred meter. Both is been representing Norway in atheletics. Expect to see these guys […]

Z-Roller now in Lopelabbet sportstores in Norway

27. november 2015

Now you can go to Löplabbet and test out and buy your future Z-Roller. We are very pleased with this partnership says the different stores and invite everyone to come to our stores and test it out!

More cross country skistars uses the Z-Roller

16. november 2015

Cross country skistars Daniel Richardsson, Morten Eide Pedersen, Annika Löfström, Jimmie Johnsson, Seraina Boner, Tuva Toftdal Staver, Bill Impola, Merete Weng are all users of our Z-Rollers and we are proud to say that they are a part of the Zen family!    

Dag Otto Lauritzen, former cycling Olympic medalist

10. mai 2015

Hello – the Z-Roller is fixed in the living room, and I have to fight with my wife about it. I train as much as I have time, and the Z-Roller is often used. Unbelievable to dissolve tired muscles after strenuous exercise, and I’m struggling with my legs when I walk over from the bike […]

Rune Høydahl, Norways best off-road cyclist through all times

30. april 2015

Wold Champion off-road cyclist uses the Z-roller to keep up the waist amount of training he still does after more than 25 years of x-country cycling. He has won a lot of world cup victories and are still going strong after he turned 40 yrs old.  

Sjur Røthe used the Z-Roller in preparation for his victory in the Holmenkollen 50k

16. mars 2015

Sjur Røthe is one of many top athletes who use the Z-Roller. We are both overjoyed and proud to be collaborating with Sjur, and watching him get the gold medal at the 50k was fantastic. I’ve been using the Z-roller on my shins and thighs after each training session for the past few weeks. My […]