Sports massage scientifically tested!

The effect on sports massage using Z-Roller home massage machine in recovery (Sports – MDPI).

The effect of sports massage has never been scientifically documented.

A scientific study – conducted over 2 years – reveals some exciting and ground- breaking information on the effect sports massage has on athletes’ recovery and performances.
This is one of the first studies in the research literature, which indicate that massage using a mechanical self – induced multi-bar massage-rolling machine, has an effect. The Z-Roller, used in this study, is a mechanical self-induced multi bar massage machine, developed in Norway for home usage.

The study was conducted by experienced scientists in this field:

  • Associate Professor Shaher A.I. Shalfawi and Associate professor; HåvardMyklebust, at the Department of Education and Sports Science, University ofStavanger
  • Professor, Department of Physical performance, Norwegian school of SportsSciences; Eystein Enoksen.The study revealed some exciting and ground-breaking information on the effect of sports massage when it comes to recovery and performance:• A 10 min pre-warm up on the Z-Roller before training has a positive effect on:
  • Lactate production
  • Higher lactate threshold
  • Higher peak power output
  • Maximal sprint performance

A 10 min post massage after training/competition shows a significant large effect on recovery.

  • Faster clearance of lactate after training and competition
  • Higher tolerance on high intensity training and a higher power output
  • Regular massage makes you perform with higher intensity for a longer period

The effect of using Z-Roller sports massage roller:

  • Better performance by using Z-Roller before training and competition.
  • Faster recovery by using Z-Roller after the training/competition.
  • Higher tolerance on high intensity training and a higher powerperformance/output.
  • Ability to work for a longer period with high lactate/acid in your muscles.

A questionnaire sent to 360 users of the Z-Roller, substantiate the findings from the scientific research study.

The results from the survey showed that:

  • People training 3 times a week and more, 75% of the group use the Z-Roller 3 – 7 times a week.
  • 75% of the respondents feel that they have excellent effect of the Z-Roller and 22% feels that they have great effect.
  • 83% of the respondents, in response to how satisfied they are with their Z- Roller, rate the Z-Roller on a scale from 1 – 10, (where 10 is the best) on a average 8,5
  • 99% recommend Z-Roller for other users.
    Beside the test results, what other positive effects does Z-Roller give?
  • Athletes can testify to the pain-relieving, recovery-promoting effects of massage.
  • On the cellular level, massage reduces inflammation and promotes the growth of new mitochondria (the energy producing units in the cells) in skeletal muscle.
  • Massage will dampen the expression on inflammatory cytokines in the muscle cells.
  • A muscle in a «balanced» condition will withstand more training and not so easy be injured like muscle spasm, muscle strain, withstand harder use etc. It will also heal faster after injury compared to a packed and less circulated muscle.

“Recovery create winners!”

The potential benefits from massage by the Z-Roller could be useful to a broad spectrum of individuals, from athletes, exercisers and elderly, those whom suffering from musculoskeletal injuries like diabetes, chronic inflammatory disease, restless legs, muscle pain etc.Zen Products AS, a Norwegian company has invented the patented Home Multi-bar Sports Massage machine, Z-Roller. Its founder, Jan Gisle Berger was struggling with cramps and injuries in his calves and invented this product. The product was presented to the market in Norway in 2016 and picked up by World and European Champion as runner Fillip Ingebrigtsen/Team Ingebringtsen, x-country skier Sjur Roete, triathletes, football players, cyclists, handball players and thousands of amateur athletes.The product is also picked up by the health market and private persons, helping those who struggles with bad blood circulation, restless legs, cramps etc.


Acute Effect of Quadriceps Myofascial Tissue Rolling Using A Mechanical Self-Myofascial Release Roller- Massager on Performance and Recovery in Young Elite Speed Skaters.

Shaher A. I. Shalfawi 1,* , Eystein Enoksen 2 and Håvard Myklebust 1
1 Department of Education and Sports Science, University of Stavanger, 4021 Stavanger, Norway;
2 Department of Physical performance, Norwegian School of Sport Sciences, 0806 Oslo, Norway;
* Correspondence:
Received: 7 November 2019; Accepted: 5 December 2019; Published: 7 December 2019

Per Kristian Moerk PT,DPT, Manager Wake Forest Baptist Health Sports Medicine, North Carolina, USA Zen Products AS, Skogheimvegen 5, 2052 Jessheim, Norway.