Z-Roller Pro


Z-Roller Pro is a scientifically proven heavy duty deep tissue sports massage machine. Its full body massage capacity can handle 80 kilo point load, penetrating deep into your muscles, loosen up hard and sour muscle tissue. Sports massage is painful but effective and Z-Roller Pro does the job. This results in faster recovery, less injury and makes it possible to maintain and increase the amount of exercises and volume of training over time. The Z-Roller gives both transverse massage and circular massage at the same time, which is the optimal form of massage.

  • Description

    Z-Roller Pro satisfies the need for regular hard sports massage.

    The Z-Roller Pro is designed for easy-to-use, mobility and no maintenance, just plug it in and you have your own personal sports masseuse in your home. You can easy adjust the hardness of the massage by covering the roller with a blanket or a towel for light massage or put some weight on to get it painful and deep.

    Z-roller can be connected to the vehicle’s cigarette lighter, a standard wall outlet or run for 2 hours on battery.

    With its weight of only 10,5 kg, its perfect to bring to workouts, with the opportunity for fast recovery immediately after exercising or just leaning back in your sofa while the Z-Roller does its job.

    To get the full body massage, we recommend the Z-Mattress, while calves, hamstrings and feet are best without the mattress.

    Z-Roller Pro gives the best results when used regularly after exercise, as well as before exercise, if you are packed in muscle or tired with a cramp.

    The control panel is on the top of the machine, and the start/stop and speed control are assembled in one switch.

    Z-Roller Pro can be used at 5 different speeds, speed 1-3 after training and 4-5 before training, providing customized massage to each user.

    Z-Roller Pro is NEMKO approved.

    Z-Roller Pro has an aesthetic design

    Z-Roller Pro has low sound and can be used undisturbed in any room in the home.

    Z-Roller Pro consists of small massage wheels. The wheels are covered with a thin elasticized pull that can easily be removed and washed.

    Z-Roller Pro stops after 20 minutes. It is convenient if the user falls asleep during the massage or forgets to turn off the machine.

    Z-Roller Pro is designed to withstand 80 kg load. Load should be done carefully and not with heavy movements. Too fast loads can damage the drive.

  • Additional information

    Weight 10,5 kg
    Dimensions 58 × 26 × 45 cm
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FASTER RECOVERY - Z-Roller provides intensive deep sports massage. The perfect recovery immediately after strenuous exercise.
GOOD AGAINST SCAR TISSUE - Z-Roller provides excellent scar tissue massage to collagen fibers and adhesions formed in the muscle.
REDUCES LACTATE - There is increased production of lactate in your muscles during exercises, and the Z-Roller is the best partner for the reduction of high lactate values.
NEMKO APPROVED - Z-Roller is safe to use and approved by NEMKO
PREVENT OVERUSE - Intensive training causes strain and micro tears of the muscles. Use of Z-Roller after training stimulates oxygen and blood flow to the muscles.
EASY TO USE WITH 220V/110V, 12V AND BATTERY - Z Roller can be brought with you for training camps and competitions and easily to recharge in the car with 12v adaptor