Sjur Røthe used the Z-Roller in preparation for his victory in the Holmenkollen 50k

16 March 2015

Sjur Røthe is one of many top athletes who use the Z-Roller. We are both overjoyed and proud to be collaborating with Sjur, and watching him get the gold medal at the 50k was fantastic.

I’ve been using the Z-roller on my shins and thighs after each training session for the past few weeks. My legs feel much better after the treatment, and it allows me to cut down on my recovery time, which is essential when you train often. The Z-roller’s different levels are perfect for adjusting the desired amount of charge.

I used the Z-roller daily prior to my victory at the ‘Kollen 50k. My legs have never felt this good during a race!

– Sjur Røthe


Sjur Røthe 1
Sjur Røthe 2