Sjur Røthe: Z–Roller makes me a better x-country skier

30 November 2015

X-country skiing World Champion Sjur Rothe is an active user of Z-Roller and sees clear advantages to using the Z-Roller in his daily workout.
¨Although we are right at the top in our sport do not have daily access to massage. So the Z-Roller is a good option. After intensive training, it is simply delicious to have a round on Z-Roller¨, says Rothe.
Z-Rollers flexibility ia very flexible is important for Rothe:- ¨
I like that I can always have it available as an important tool. The machine is equally suitable in front of the TV in your living room as out right after a long ski trip in the countryside, running it from the cars 12V power or as a partner on training camps abroad.- Z-Roller is therefore an important tool for anyone who takes the training seriously¨, says Rothe.


Z-Roller er enkel å ta med på treningstur, og kobles rett på 12-volt-anlegget til bilen.

Z-Roller is easy to carry with you to trainig sessions  treningstur, and connects directly to the 12 V system of the car.

The hard sports massage loosens muscles and contribute to a rapid recovery of key muscle groups. Z Roller also makes it possible to add even more workouts, because muscles recovers faster.

The machine can be connected directly on the car’s 12V power outlet, giving it an incredible flexibility. The recovery may therefore begin immediately after exercise gives good results rather than risking to harden completely on the drive home.