Fysioterapist and Visma skiclassics rider Petter Eliassen going for 2020/2021 season.

18. June 2020

Going for the Visma Skiclassics cup 20/21 season, I have been using Z-Roller Pro with the mattress in my recovery work. My experience with Z-Roller, training more than 1000 hours a year, Z-Roller has helped me recover better and faster. I can recomend Z-Roller and the Z-Mattress for everybody that wants to loosen up tight […]

Sports massage scientifically tested!

18. December 2019

The effect on sports massage using Z-Roller massage machine in recovery (Sports – MDPI). The effect of sports massage has never been scientifically documented. Until now! A scientific study – conducted over 2 years – now proves what effect sports massage has on athletes’ performances. And the Z-Roller massage machine has been extremely useful in […]

Usage of Z-Roller Lite for the health market

15. October 2019

The physiotherapy service in Ullensaker Municipality, Norway has tested the Z-Roller Lite on elderly people with various disorders. “We have tested them on about 10 current patients with various neurological, circulatory and muscular pain. It has mainly been focus on those with narrow blood vessels in the legs, painful leg muscles and decreased leg mobility. […]

X-country skier Magni Smedaas is struggling with achilles problems

13. September 2019

Z-Roller is working extremely good, now I can free ski with my roller skies without pain. I can also do classic diagonal skiing. Talk about extreme effect and treatment with the Z-Roller!!! I have used it everyday and soon I will be totally pain free. No more calf problems or achilles tendon.

Sr. Doctor and surgeon Georg Krohn-Hansen

28. May 2019

After I had a hemiprosthesis inserted in my right knee 6 months ago due to medial gonarthrosis, I was very bothered by tendonitis and muscle pain around the knee and thigh. After already 3-4 sessions of powerful and painful massage against the sore areas with Z-Roller, I experienced dramatic improvement in both pain and function. […]

Sondre Nordstad Moen ran 2.05.48 on marathon

7. December 2018

Sondre Nordstad Moen ran 2.05.48 at the marathon in Japan in 2017. It was the European record at the time. Now he is the second fastest in Europe through all times.

Runners World magazine about Z-Roller

19. November 2018

Runners World say as follows: “Z-Roller, a real massage roller” “Z-Roller is working with the deep muscles” “Z-Roller is more efficient than foam roller”

Fillip Ingebrigtsen, European Champion and Bronze WC London on 1500 m

20. July 2018

Fillip Ingebrigtsen, European Champion 2016 on 1500 meters and Bronze at the World Championship in London 2017 on 1500 meters. An athlete with  extreme skills and performance, using Z-Roller in his recovery process. His personal best on 1500 meters are 3.30.01 fra Monaco 2018

Simen Hegstad Krüger prepares for the Olympics in Pyeongchang 2018

23. January 2018

Norway’s Simen Hegstad Krüger with a fantastic season for the Norwegian skiing team prepares for the Olympic Games in 2018. In addition to a lot of proper and good training, he focuses very much in the recovery phase, as this is extremely important for utilizing all the training.

16. November 2017

Z-Roller is a product I highly recommend golfers. I use it both before and after every golfing round. As warming up it increases blood circulation and makes the muscles ready for long strokes. After the golf course it is important that the body and muscles are restored, wich Z-Roller does. Tom Selmer PGA Golf Professional […]